Why Rugged?

We save you money by taking care of the roof you’ve got

At Rugged Roofing, we know you want to be free of roof related stress. To do that, you need to know that your roof is taken care of. If your commercial roof is not being taken care of properly and your reach out to a roofer you don’t have a partnership with, you are often immediately told you need a new roof. Even if if the roofer supplies a fix, the ghost you when it doesn’t work. You are left frustrated and annoyed.

We believe a good commercial roofer should provide solutions to take roof worries off your shoulders, not add to them. We understand how a aggravating it is when a roof costs you time, money and peace of mind and you can’t find a roofer to fix the problem and stand behind their work.

That’s why we have the ELEVATE Roof Management plan. Here’s how it works. First, we analyze your roof and plan exactly how we are going to keep your flat roof or gently sloped commercial roof from being a burden. Second, we show you how we’ll bring your roof back in to like new condition. Third, we preserve your roof so that it doesn’t become a problem next year or the year after.

So schedule an inspection so you can get your roof working properly and stop spending worry and cash fly by night roofers and start being confident that you have a solution to your roof problem that works to make your life easier both today and in the future.


EXtend Life, EXtend Value For Your Flat and Low Slop Roofs with ELEVate

The single biggest complaint we hear from property managers, business owners and facility managers is that every roofer tells them they need a new roof.

At Rugged Roofing, we’re a service first company. Our goal is to extend the life of your flat and low slope industrial roofs and save you money. We don’t start with replacement. We start with service.

You’ll extend the life of your roof which saves money. Extended Life = Extended Value.

ELEVATE your expections for commercial roof management.

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