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Pier 1 Marine and Storage

This was a large project involving both and elastomeric coating on a storage facility, repair of a very damaged roof and rust remediation and a new TPO roof for the main office.

See what the owner had to say about this roof.


Pier 1 Before (1) Pier 1 Before (9) Pier 1 Before6


Pier-1-After-10 DCIM100MEDIADJI_0038.JPG

Building Repair and New TPO Roof – Hennessey, OK

This is a project we completed this week in Hennessey, OK. The first part of the project was to remove this dangerous false front to the building.


It had received damage in a previous storm that had never been repaired. It has been leaking every since.

It doesn’t look too bad, on the face, but when we took a closer look, we realized the entire front was waterlogged and was separating from the building.

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Barrel Roof – Oklahoma City

Every time we help a building owner it is a privilege. We take a roof that has been damaged in a storm and help the owner get a new roof.

Some are so damaged that you are really making a difference for someone’s property.

This was one of those roofs. It was badly damaged and we were able to get a new roof, extending the life of the building.

Am_Eagle_Before (5)

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