We started our company to build lasting, professional relationships with our customers. Our desire is to be more than a typical roofing company.

Our company is based on our friendship and and we want to extend that friendship to you, our customer. We would like the chance to prove it.

The Rest of the Story

Dan and Chad became friends when our daughters took gymnastics together a while back. Our friendship was solidified forever when Chad observed a man at a gymnastics meet wearing sunglasses and a Bluetooth earpiece in the stands. Chad leaned over to Dan (and forgive us if this was you) and whispered, “Do you think he bought the dork kit on Amazon?” And just like that, lifelong friends.

After that, they spent a lot of time laughing with each other, and occasionally, at each other.

Eventually, they ended up doing commercial roofing sales for a company from Texas. They did well. And they had fun. They loved selling together and working to create great experiences with their customers.

But they wanted to do more.  They wanted to focus on more than the one time sale. They wanted to build a business relationship. They wanted to service and maintain the investment made by the building owner and provide the best possible experience to the customer. 

They wanted a company with values like their own that reflected what it meant to be a friend. So Chad and Dan started their own company centered around that friendship.

Friendship Is What We Do