Every time we help a building owner it is a privilege. We take a roof that has been damaged in a storm and help the owner get a new roof.

Some are so damaged that you are really making a difference for someone’s property.

This was one of those roofs. It was badly damaged and we were able to get a new roof, extending the life of the building.

Am_Eagle_Before (5)

DSC00317 After visiting with the insurance adjuster, the adjuster agreed that the damage was storm related and paid for a roof replacement.

With the owners, we decided that GAF Everguard TPO was a good choice and proceeded with the roof retrofit.

This involved some boxing of the walls with wood to make a secure surface for mechanically fastening the TPO.

The final product looks great and will provide a watertight roof for years to come.

Am_Eagle_After (2)

Here is the slideshow of the whole project.