This is a project we completed this week in Hennessey, OK. The first part of the project was to remove this dangerous false front to the building.


It had received damage in a previous storm that had never been repaired. It has been leaking every since.

It doesn’t look too bad, on the face, but when we took a closer look, we realized the entire front was waterlogged and was separating from the building.


Insurance had only paid for part of the damage so the owner was looking for a cost effective solution that still looked good. We cut the EIFS at the joint and left the portion that was securely attached to the wall and put caps on to make the remaining columns and EIFS siding. Two weeks and five 30 yard dumpsters later, the building looked like this:

New Look for the Building

New TPO Commercial Roof

We also completed the roof and it turned out well. We used a combo flute fill cover board that provided great insulation and a minimum of inconvenience because the roof. We heard form the tenants that they can already feel a difference in the shop from the added insulation. The roof covering is a single-ply TPO made by GAF.

weaver_energy_after (1)

Roof Slideshow

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