Our Culture

A friend provides exceptional support before a new roof is ever needed and guides owners toward the best options when roof work is needed.

A friend installs high quality roofs that provide complete and lasting protection for the owner’s building assets along with legendary customer service.

Our Culture


We strive to be recognized regionally as a leader for building envelop management, including roofing, waterproofing, and exterior walls, to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability for our customers.


Rugged Roofing will provide an expert source of experience to solve today’s roofing problems while working to prevent the problems of tomorrow across the entire building envelop.


At Rugged Roofing:

We deliver Workmanship – The drive to deliver project excellence that exceeds customer expectations in quality, communication, and longevity.

We guarantee Integrity – The commitment to stand behind our work.

We expect Sustainability – The responsibility to operate the business with efficiency and excellence.

We seek a strong Connection – The passion to connect with customers, suppliers, and employees with trust and loyalty.