elastomeric-roofA roof coating is a fluid roofing system that is spayed on to the roof.

We like to say it is a lot like a truck bed liner for your roof.

It has elastic properties that allows it to stretch and return to their original shape without damage.

An elastomeric coating provides great protection and restoration for either metal or existing membranes like modified bitumen.

When properly applied, elastomeric coatings provide:

  • Protection from rust and deterioration
  • Watertight protection
  • Reduced energy costs because it is white and reflects the sun’s energy.

One of the problems that can be encountered with elastomeric coating is preparation and coverage. If the seams are not properly tightened and covered with tape or a seam sealing material.

Rugged Roofing is a Master Contractor with 838 Coatings.

838-coatings-logo838 Coatings is a manufacturer of coatings, tapes and sealants designed to extend the life cycle of existing roofs. All of our products are sustainable: featuring highly reflective white coatings, sealants that are solvent and isocyanate free and modern chemical technologies that exhibit superior physical properties and durability. All of our products can be used alone or in combination to maintain, repair or restore nearly every roofing substrate.

On all our elastomeric coating jobs, we:

  • Pressure wash the roof.
  • Re tighten and replace fasteners on a metal roof.
  • Apply a polyurethane seam sealer to all seams and fasteners.
  • Apply two coats of elastomeric coating.