One of the very first issues that must be addressed when you are faced with a damaged or leaking commercial roof, is whether to repair the individual issues or just replace the entire roof. This is an important decision and is best determined with the help of a commercial roofing expert who can advise you.

There are several factors that should be considered when making this decision.

First: The Age of the Roof

The average lifespan of a commercial roof falls somewhere around two decades, though some last longer and some do not survive that long. This can also be dependent on the material it is made of and how well it is maintained. In many cases, once it is older than 15 years, you are facing the last stages of the roof’s lifespan. As a roof ages and has more potential for problems, it may be more economical to replace it than to continue repairing issues that arise.

Second: How Often Are You Having Issues?

Multiple instances of leaks that need repair tend to indicate that the roof may lack stability and could cause more problems going forward. If the roof has had several leaks in various locations, it may be an indicator that the roof could benefit from replacement. However, if the roof has been well maintained throughout its lifetime and is repaired when a leak is discovered, then replacement may not be necessary at that time.

Third: Energy Efficiency

This is a really big consideration. If energy costs of the building have started increasing, but usage has remained the same, it could suggest that the roof is beginning to fail. If the current HVAC system has been regularly serviced, yet it is having to work a lot harder to regulate the building’s temperature, the roof could be an issue. The age and the current material of the roof can also affect energy efficiency. Replacement of a roof that is inadequate in this area will certainly lower overall energy costs, which might make it the more economical choice.

Other Options Between a Repair and Full Replacement:

It is important to note, there are two other options between a repair or a total replacement.

Option 1:

The first is a recover, which is can only be done one time. If your current roof has only had one membrane, has good insulation and no structural issues, a recover could be a more cost-effective option that will extend the life expectancy of the roof to an extent.

Option 2:

The second option is recoating the existing roof. This can also extend a roof’s expected lifespan for several years and help with energy efficiency problems. Additionally, it can improve waterproofing issues and help protect against weather. As with a recover, this is only a realistic option if the current insulation and structure of the roof is still in good shape.

How Do I Make the Right Choice:

You call a commercial roofing professional like Rugged Roofing. We’ll get you the best advice and assistance with making this complex decision and walk you through all your options. Our advice is free.

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